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Patrick and Philippe have always been friends, and they made two of their biggest dreams come true, founding Musicopratik in 2005 and each having a baby girl in 2013.

““Unparalleled service in a warm atmosphere. We take care of the work, we leave the Fun to you! " "

The team

Actives members

Patrick Mainville and Philippe Lemay, owners and fondators of Musicopratik, are well surrounded to host you in the best conditions :


Mathew Higden

Enora Trebern

Alexandre Fontaine

Mitchell Caluori

Anton Samoylenko

Eleni Morin

Raymond Tremblay

Brandon Goodwin (Studio drum mtl)
Gregory Fitzgerald (Studio Sophronik)
Simon Walls (Studio Sophronik)

Sylvaine Arnaud (Studio Sophronik)

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