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From October 9 to 31, our promo-studio is back.
It's so attractive, it'll give you goose bumps...


We want to do our part to help you develop your musical project in 2023.
That's why Musicopratik is back again with this great promotion

specially designed for our members!

We're offering you 2 hours of FREE recording time at Studio Sophronik with the purchase of a 10h block of rehearsals at Musicopratik!

Conditions :

- The 10h of practice (or more!) can be used whenever you want, we simply register in your client file the number of hours you have left as you practice.
(For example: Block of 10h purchased / remaining: 8)


- There's no deadline for using these practice hours.


- These hours can be used in all our studios except Métropolis.

- The 2 hours (or more!) must be used before December 31, 2024 (which gives you more than a year to prepare!).

- Offer valid for members only (It's easy to become a member: pay $37 for 12 months and get a discount on every hour of practice!)

- You can buy several blocks at a time.

- Offer valid until October 31, 2023.

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